problems with e1000 network and sound

Martin martin at
Fri Sep 26 17:38:43 UTC 2003

I have an asus motherboard p4c800-e, with 1G ethernet(intel 82547ei) and 
Hyperthreaded P4 and 875p mch chipset.

I net installed(not upgraded) severn 2 with anaconda without any trouble.
then on first reboot, am unable to get sound or networking up.  which is
interesting since I did a net install.

from dmesg i see:

NETDEV WATCHDOG eth0: transmit timed out
e1000: eth0 NIC link is Up 100 Mbps Full Duplex

didn't see any other error messages.

i've tried disabling hyperthreading in bios.  also tried
booting with 'noacpi' and 'acpi=off'.

also sound doesn't work.

Severn 1 worked fine with this system.

appreciate any help.


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