Performance testing (pass 1)

stephan schutter rhl at
Sat Sep 27 04:49:23 UTC 2003

Bill Anderson wrote:

>Can we see a copy of /var/log/bootlog to see what all was started during
>boot up?
I will send this as soon as I get back to work... nothing special; just 
the default setup...

You know, I was thinking (warning):  why not do the rc scripts so that 
some things occur in paralell? For example; if there are services that 
need to start and they do not depend on networking being started, then 
why not launch them in paralell, in the background?  Forking the startup 
process tree and maximizing the IO bandwidth utilization, and CPU, would 
make the bootup fast (important on laptops; because you start them and 
stop them all the time as you need to).

>Is this runlevel 5 login, or console login and startx?
runlevel 5, after shutdown -r now...

>>	21
>I don't think these are apples->apples.
>Here is why:
>1) Default browser: are they different browsers? Mozilla is available on
>both platforms, use that then compare.
>2) I take it Word 2k is done in Crossover?
>3) Open Office loads the needed guts for most of Open Office, whereas
>W2k only opens W2k.
1) good point; this is another app to test (that is fair)... But 
remember, the drooling end user only knows that it is "the internet" and 
does not distinguish between mozilla or IE. Perhaps coosing default 
browser carefully would help here as well. But I will give you new 
timings next week.
2) Your astuteness is only surpassed by your grace good sir! This is 
like running a 16 bit app on NT... no complaints here. It works quite 
smoothly (I use it daily at work(exposure testing ;=) )), performance is 
OK.  Not bad for something running in app compatabillity mode.
3) Shame on them!

>One does not require the other.
>And finally, how was the timing done. Are we talking wall clock or what?
Just stop watch. After all, we are talking about end user impressions, 
so we do not need millisecond acuracy?

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