File Selection dialog problems with latest rawhide updates Aug 14th.

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Sat Aug 14 20:46:37 UTC 2004

Okay before i go to search or file this in bugzilla.  Is anyone else
who installed the latest
rawhide updates seeing this issue:

I am unable to select a file using the gtk based file selection dialog.
Any application that needs to use the file selection dialog window has
the same problem.

For example.  trying to add a new wallpaper for the gnome desktop background.
Preferences->desktop Background
Add Wallpaper button
Browse the filesystem and select an image
hit the open button on the dialog... nothing happens.

Like i said, thats just one example... everything i try that uses the
file selection dialog has the same problem for me, so I'm just looking
for confirmation.


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