FC 3 and Kernel Lock or Hang

Doncho N. Gunchev mr700 at globalnet.bg
Fri Dec 31 13:33:32 UTC 2004

On 2004 12 31 (Friday) 14:36, Tom Browder wrote:
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> > 1) we need oopses to be able to debug this.
> >    just 'it locks up' isn't too usefull
> > 2) All the people seeing this are NOT using a binary only 
> > nvidia or ATI
> >    video driver, right?
> >    (those who do anyway PLEASE always mention that in your reports)
> No, no special driver.  And I would love to get an oops, or use a specially
> instrumented kernel, or something.
> I have had occasion to be able to ssh in to one of my machines at work while
> it was "locked" but couldn't find anything obvious.  Reports of such to the
> fedora list weren't of interest to anyone.
> I see nothing unusual in the messages log after a reboot.
> Any debugging or test ideas would be gratefully accepted.

    My PC (Athlon 2000+) with nVidia driver locks up sometimes, but I
did not pay attention (nVidia binary driver), but my friend with FC2
and latest kernel had such problem without any binary drivers these
days after update. At work, with P4 machines, I have no problem with
FC3 (one of them running with nVidia driver about a month). It is
strange that my PC sometimes locks in such a way, that the socks proxy
works (running on my locked PC), routing works, pings, but ssh and
httpd do not (ports open but no traffic). Sometimes there is disk
activity also, but nothing in the log files, and it's difficult to
guess because it happens 2-3 times a month...
    So... what can I do? I don't need the nVidia driver (screen savers)
and don't care about any performance losses at home - personal apache
and postfix only. Any tips?

    PS: Please do not reply this year, have some fun! ;-]

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