Promise 20378 SATA controller and FC2 Test1 first impressions ...

Ken Snider ksnider at
Thu Feb 12 21:04:24 UTC 2004

Adam Pearse wrote:
> Well, the good news is that FC2 Test1 does recognize the controller. The 
> down side is it does not support the BIOS created RAID sets defined 
> within Promise's BIOS. I ended up disabling the controller to operate in 
> RAID and have it treat it as IDE (which basically it was anyways). I 
> then setup my two drives using software RAID. Question for anyone who 
> can answer (have has an opinion), will FC2 eventually support the BIOS 
> created RAID images or are we stuck using software RAID and dumb down 
> the controller to basically act as an IDE interface. BTW guys, thanks 
> for your work on getting this out and into our hands.

Doesn't this controller rely on the driver for RAID work anyway? I seem to 
remember benchmarks showing md outperforming this chipset in "HW" RAID mode.

Ken Snider

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