FC2 Test 1 with raid1 and LVM

George Garvey tmwg-fedorat at inxservices.com
Sun Feb 15 22:22:38 UTC 2004

	I've installed with two raid devices on 1 30G disk: one for /boot, one
for LVM. LVM contains swap and root, etc.
   When booting, it stays for a long time on "Setting up Logical Volume
Management:", approximately 5 minutes.
   It then stays on "Enabling swap space:" for about another minute.
	The system currently has 4 IDE drives: a and c are raid, d is a CD/ROM,
b is a 40G drive that has another FC2T1 install that will be removed as
soon as I have some things copied over from it to the real disks. Perhaps
the hdb drive is confusing things. I do see the CD/ROM light blinking off
and on while this is happening, for about 4 minutes.
   I hope the extra hdb drive is causing the delay, because then it will go
away when I remove that drive.

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