2.6 Kernel (NUMA) and Fedora Development

Wayne Frazee wfrazee at wynweb.net
Sun Feb 22 16:49:08 UTC 2004

Certainly you can set your own configuration for that one time source
however there is no failsafe.  For both accuracy and fault tolerance
reasons, it makes sense to sync with more than one timesource, something
that Fedora has the capability but no graphical interface for.  Since the
capability is already there, it would seem rather trivial to use the same
code that sets the one to parse the file and allow users to set more than

With a little more work, you can make the interface be much more useful,
with its own list of OpenAccess servers allowing you to choose.

Wayne S. Frazee

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> On Sunday 22 February 2004 00:20, Wayne Frazee wrote:
> > 3) This is perhaps more along the lines of a feature request but I
> > to solicit community or developer feedback with regard to implementing a
> > "fuller" GUI NTP interface.


>  Rather than trying to keep up with this
> unsolvable problem, they appear to have chosen the alternative of just one
> ... their own stratus 1 server.  Now this is not really a problem since
> can plug your own favorite in.

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