ide-scsi & sound under the 2.6.3 kernel

Paul paul at
Sat Feb 28 13:54:26 UTC 2004


> > I used to have hdc, hdd and hdf loaded up using ide-scsi. Now when I've
> > read the docs, it seems that ide-scsi has been deprecated, if not done
> > away with.. My current grubline removes these drives as being ide-scsi
> > ones. When they were on as ide-scsi, no drives were picked up.
> I had the same issue when no reference to ide-scsi was in the grub.conf 
> file. I did not see any cdrom drives either. I added "ide-cd" for both 
> of my cdrom drives and was able to burn cdroms in Fedora core 2.
Okay, I've done that

> > All of my drives are recognised by the software, but I cannot record
> > using any device. gtoaster reports the /dev/sg* are unavailable while
> > k3b reports a mkisofs problem.
> Is /dev/sg* referenced by /dev/cdwriter symlink? Mine points to the below

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