second fresh install broken after update - gnome broken

Vanco, Don don.vanco at
Wed Jan 7 14:57:21 UTC 2004

Well, I've got me second system in as many weeks that has had something
broken by updating it.  I cannot get gnome to start, and sadly it gives no
error output.

Fresh install of FC1 - gnome / X works fine (Compaq DL320, ATI Rage XL

Tried to update system via up2date - this lead to a cyclical redundancy
where the RPMs would not installed because they failed both MD5 check and
appropriate key signature (after installing key???), and no combination of
--nosignature and/or --nomd5 could satisfy RPM to install.

So - "apt-get update" and let it do it's thing.

Now the system will not let a user start X.  I can run gdm, but if root or a
user tries to log in or even launch X via "startx" (where their default
session is gnome) they're immediately bounced out.  KDE appears fine.
Adding a new user or deleting the .gnom* stuff does nothing.  Starting X and
then trying to use "gnome-session" rewards me with an immediate seg fault.

Aside from this gnome mess - when will the update process stop breaking
systems?  Pretty much all of my peers (and me if it's not obvious) are
tiring of Fedora because of it's inability to provide a stable
platform...... and relying solely on an apt repository or yum repository is
still to immature for Fedora - they're just not a single site I've found
that doesn't have issues of some kind...  Using multiple apt/yum
repositories appears to be disastrous - I've loaded 4 systems with FC1
(after numerous beta machines) and have a "50 percent failure rate" on
machines that have been subsequently rendered problematic (at best) or
broken (at worst) by the upgrade process in one fashion or another.....

Fedora - the new Mandrake!


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