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This is just my point, though; why all this hacking to get this working? The
experts in the community (or RedHat) could set it up right to start with.
Customer / Client supplies data needed (NT domain name and credentials) then

You know, the more you do FOR the user the more the user LIKES you. And it
is within the scope of Fedora to make a great desktop product eventually,

I am relaying FEEDBACK to this list. From several people; current IT people
(MS based as most are) and end users, and managers... Learning is expensive.
I was hoping that Fedora as a project would appreciate feedback from
non-Linux admins.


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On Thursday 15 January 2004 16:17, stephan schutter wrote:

> Sorry about the tone... I a relaying my managers questions... They want
> something that just works... They read about Linux and how great it is;
> this does not match their experience when sitting down in front of a Linux
> machine.
> I am frequently challenged by managers and my colleagues: "why do they
> to make it so difficult?"

Its not difficult so much as different.  If instead of getting you to manage

this transition, who clearly are also coming to Linux for the first time, 
your manager had taken steps to give you the support of an experienced Unix 
sysadmin, things would be smoother.  Doesn't sound nice of them to throw you

in at the deep end alone and then start sniping at you.  Would they do this 
with any other technology, like a new language?

> This makes Linux a hard sell for me.

Its nice if we can convert people to Linux, but nobody gets a piece of the 
action out of it :-)

> So: why not have a default configuration that works? By default, when you
> install FC1, FC1 has these issues:

Worked super duper for me out of the box.  However I am not trying to get it

to talk to the proprietary stuff you are, all the other machines here are 
Linux with one XP running under vmware (which talks on Samba just fine).  
Because of this I personally am unlikely to be much more help to you.

> 1. When clicking on the network browser, you can not actually browse the
> network. Instead you get an error about wins servers... Windows works

Dunno... but this would be a question that the Samba people will much better

be able to answer than the Fedora people.  (BTW reading your description it 
is unclear if the network browser is on the client or server machine. ) Here

are the Samba mls:

Have a search around first before asking.

> 2. Name resolution does not work correctly because FC1 does not pick up
> the information from the DHCP (win2k DDNS) servers (wins, multiple search
> domains etc.) I am sure that somehow it is Microsoft's fault, but it needs
> to work none the less to be accepted.

I see... your DHCP server has non standard extensions.  I would imagine you 
could work around this to some extent by sorting out your smb.conf / 
/etc/hosts / /etc/resolv.conf with the right data.  But hard as it might be 
for your manager to comprehend, it might be better not to use all that 
nonstandard crud in the first place.

Are you aware of SWAT?  This is a browser-based configurator for Samba.  I 
recommend it highly

install it with rpm -i samba-swat-3.0.0-15.i386.rpm

service swat start

point your browser to http://localhost:901
username root  password <your root password>

You might find this a comforting port in the storm.

> 3. Checking the SMB authentication box and entering the right domain name
> and server etc. does not result in being able to log on using the AD
> credentials. It is misleading to have such a dialogue box that does not do
> what it says... or have any information of what else to do...

Another job for the Samba MLs.  All I can say is don't imagine MSFT make it 
easy for people to work with their proprietary and undocumented formats, and

you'll catch more samba-bees with honey than vinegar :-)

- -Andy

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