Incredibly slow email on the laptop

Paul paul at
Tue Jul 6 22:31:11 UTC 2004


I have version of Evolution installed on all of my machines at
home and my main box at work as well as on the laptop (A Toshiba
Satellite jobbie).

On every box (except the laptop), email comes down at a good speed.
There are no real problems with spamassassin and everything is fine.

On the laptop, it's different. 9 emails can take 3 minutes to come down.
SA is switched off. The downloads usually hang before they've finished
coming down, aren't deleted from the server or Ev. just fails the
download (and still doesn't clear things).

As this is not happening on any other machine, I've not put it into
bugzilla, but can anyone give me some pointers on what to check to
ensure there isn't a conflict on the system?

The firewall is switched off as is IPV6. All machines (except one) are
using rawhide FC2 (the one is my son's box)


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