status of USB coldplug? (hotplug for always-plugged-in device)

John Reiser jreiser at
Mon Jul 26 15:03:10 UTC 2004

What is going on with USB "coldplug"?  A device such as a USB scanner does not
have a service dedicated to managing it (like a USB printer usually has CUPS,
for instance), but the scanner often is never unplugged, so the hotplug
machinery never deals with it to identify the correct device name, load
kernel modules, or to re-assign ownership or permissions in order to
facilitate practical usability.  The result is that configuring and using
such a scanner often is cumbersome and frustrating.  It would be nice
for kudzu/hotplug/usb.agent/whatever to cooperate enough so that this
not-uncommon case "just works".


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