SOHOWARE & FC2... compatible?

jb jontheisguy at
Thu Jun 10 04:34:11 UTC 2004

Just a quick question of the clan. 

I have a TP570E and am running it dual-boot.  I have a NCB100 CardBus 
PCMCIA 10/100 network card (DEC 21*40 chipset, maybe tulip_cb?) that 
works fine in WinXP, as well as previous installations of Linux (mostly 
2.4 kernel).  Now with 2.6.5? (whatever default was with FC2), the 
memory locations are being disabled by FC2.  IRQ11 is active and shared 
by other applications/services, but Expansion ROM address, memory 
address area and such are showing values but values in parens say disabled.

Suggestions?  BTW... I searched for help online and found something that 
said /modprobe yenta_socket /would help, then /service pcmcia restart/ 
until the next boot, but it doesn't seem to help with me.  I think the 
problem is bigger/different than that.
many thanks,

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