Request for testing: xterm 191

Harry Putnam reader at
Sun Jun 27 13:41:50 UTC 2004

"Mike A. Harris" <mharris at> writes:


> If you are an xterm user using Fedora Core 1 or 2, please upgrade
> to this xterm release and test it as much as possible.  Run full 
> screen text mode apps that use color, be sure to use emacs and 
> other software that uses various keystrokes and combinations.  
> Also use apps that use function keys, and if you use xterm over 
> the network, be sure to test it's interactions over the network 
> as well.

> - Backspace/Delete key changes of behaviour on standard Intel PC 
>   keyboard hardware (ie: the Backspace key should perform the 
>   standard PC backspace function of deleting the character to 
>   the left of the cursor, the DEL key should perform the standard
>   PC DELETE function of deleting the character under the cursor)

Mike, I've just got to this thead and just did install new xterm.
I left several running for comparison (version (179).

1)  On first startup of emacs -nw I notice different behavior at
    backspace key.  The old setup was to delete to the left of cursor

    The new xterm with emacs -nw running, calls the help menu. (as if
    `C-h' had been pressed)

2)  C-g in emacs is keyboard-quit.  And I think would normally ring
    the bell.  I have that set to `visual' so I see a momentary flash of
    the xterm.  Very minor flash in old xterm (179)

    New xterm (191) shows a very bigger/brighter flash.
    NOTE:  ( To try reproducing) I have:
       *visualBell:            true 
    Set in ~/.Xresources.
    Then start xterm, start emacs -nw
    Press C-h
    Now press C-g to get the visual bell
3)  The new color for directories already mentioned in this thread is
    a good improvement.  I've run xterms in black for years and
    always had to change the bold blue of old because it nearly
    disappears in a black xterm.  This new color of blue works well
    on a black xterm.

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