USB Mouse not working

Jeff Causey linuxcausey at
Mon Jun 28 16:47:59 UTC 2004


You might want to check in bugzilla.  I submitted a similar report when 
I did the upgrade to FC2 (though with an MS mouse).  I ended up doing a 
clean install on a new hd and everything worked then, whereas I was 
doing an upgrade from FC1 when I was having the mouse problems.

Jeff Causey

Stan Bubrouski wrote:

>I've got a friend with a Logitech Optical USB mouse that won't work in
>the console or in X in FC2.  The wierd thing is that it works in the
>installer but not once the system is loaded.  I've checked and the
>correct USB driver is loaded.  This is with a default FC2 kernel.  I
>can't remember the model # of the mouse offhand but I remember that is a
>VERY common mouse.  I can't figure out why it works in anaconda but not
>Can anyone shed some light?

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