Laptop Dock Station Resolutions

Lewt @ Linux Warcry lewt at
Mon Mar 8 03:17:49 UTC 2004

Alan Cox wrote:

>On Sat, Mar 06, 2004 at 09:01:26PM -0600, Lewt @ Linux Warcry wrote:
>>One of the greater fustrations with our laptops at work using Linux is 
>>the innability for us to have our resolution go up when plugging it into 
>>the docking station..  Would that be a feature RedHat could build such 
>>as a daemon that would restart X with a secondary config for the 
>>connected monitor?  Or would that be in the realm of whatever X server 
>>we jump to if we jump to anything?
>How does the docking station appear on such systems - as another video card or
>as the same screen as the LCD ?
IIRC the docking station itself appears as extra ports, drives and 
such.  The Video (If your pc has a VGA out on the back) depending on the 
docking station just gets rerouted to a port on the back..

On my HP Ze4430us the vga out appears as a secondary PCI video card.. in 
windows it's just like having a dual head card.. with seperate 
resolutions.. 1024x768 on the LCD and 1280x1024 on the external LCD.. 

Now in a FC1 I've had it use a external monitor but couldnt get it to do 
dual resolutions unfortunately..  and if you rebooted the external 
monitor would go brownwhite and then slowly darken (Scared the hell out 
of me) so I quit messing with it.

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