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On Monday 08 March 2004 00:20, shrek-m at wrote:
> am i the only one who is completely unsatisfied with tvtime ?
> with  xawtv i am satisfied as i was it in the last years ( RHLx  / FC1 )
> sure xawtv has some bugs, but ...
> xawtv:
> - better image quality ( with an digital-sat-receiver via
> scart-svideo-cabel )
> - 'export DISPLAY=remotehost:0; xawtv'  works here without problems
> because i have several workstations it is a nice feature to export xawtv
> to the other workstations.
> tvtime:
> - really bad image quality in directly comparison with xawtv
> - 'export DISPLAY'  or  'tvtime --display=remotehost:0'    is  not
> working
> unfortunately it looks like  tvtime  should replace  xawtv  in fc2
> in my eyes is it a step backwards and not forwards  :-(
> tv-history afair in  RHL7.x -> FCx :
>     gtv   ->   xawtv   ->    tvtime

There seems to be very few folks that tvtime does not work well for.  2 
that I've seen thus far.  For the rest of us, tvtime is miles ahead of 
xawtv.  My tv quality is MUCH better w/ tvtime, and CPU usage is way down.  
The OSD display and keybindings are awesome.  IMHO tvtime should be 
included in the distro proper, as it's a better choice for most people 
(that I've been in contact with), and xawtv should live in Extras for 
those of you that cannot use tvtime.

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