Update packages and dependencies problems

Georg E Schneider georg at georgs.org
Mon Mar 8 16:49:52 UTC 2004

Daniel Clemente Roman schrieb:

>I've a FC1 machine without Internet connection, and anothers (MSWindows)
>with connection. When I want to install a rpm in FC1, I download it,
>copy to a CD, and then try to install. But usually I have dependencies
>problems, so I need to download more rpm, write another CD/session and
>then try again.
>But there are any program/Web, who can tell me what dependencies problem
>I will have for a specific rpm (from my MSWindows machine).
>I've FC disk so dependencies will be affect only for early packages or
>packages not include in FC.
>FC is installed at home :)
>MSWindows is istalled at work :(
I've never tested but RPM Browser for Windows could be something you 

Georg E Schneider

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