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Monica monica_news04 at
Mon Mar 8 17:39:05 UTC 2004

> > I have a utility that runs in Windows 2000 (sorry, the server for this product is only available for this o/s..) and it is supposed to be able to open a pty master/slave (such as /dev/ptya0 and /dev/ttya0) on the Linux server (Fedora Core2 Test1) and then do what it needs to do on the server. This is not happening with Fedora. The logs show that it can't open and find a free pty.
> Really it should be using Unix98 ttys anyway (/dev/ptmx) but I'm not
> aware of the specific reason that old style pty stopped working

They've been obsoleted and removed as "nothing used them".
Aparently there are also security issues with the old style ptys, so
I'm not jumping for joy over the idea of reenabling them.


If they have been removed, then how do I add them back in so that the old style ptys still work (at least until they start using the Unix98 ptys)?

- Monica.

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