amd_64 SATA status question

Karen Spearel kas11 at
Thu Mar 11 18:06:53 UTC 2004

Karen Spearel wrote:

> I have a K8V and it generally works with 2 system does not 
> like high latency DIMMs (ie 3:3:3:7).  I have tested extensively with 2 
> matched sets of 512 mb Samsungs as listed on the Asus Qualified Vendors 
> List and, at least for me, 200 mhz FSB ain't gonna happen with this 
> memory.  Asus Tech Support is less than useless and there isn't a whole 
> lot of information on this subject to be found anywhere.  Whether the 
> problem truly lies with the CPU. MB or memory, I cannot say.  I refer 
> you to this article and you can draw your own conclusions.
> Please note that until recently, Mushkin didn't have any recommendation 
> for the K8V although they did for the other boards shown.  At least 
> Mushkin addresses the problem directly...other vendors don't.
> Someone (Waren Togami, as I remember) mentioned some rather significant 
> problems with the MSI board early on...perhaps they have been rectified 
> at this point.  The MSI board, I believe, does use the Realtek 8169 
> network interface and this has some problems with > 4gb memory maps. 
> Whether this might be an issue with current kernel with less than 4gb I 
> can't say.

It would help if I had carefully checked the article I sighted...the 
chart with memory recommendations has changed considerably in the past 
month ...the less expensive Level 1 Mushkin DIMMs are now only 
recommended for the Abit and Biostar boards...all others needing the 
222.  Having talked with someone that has the same sort of issues with 
the Abit board, I'd prolly buy low latency anyhow and not base my buying 
decision on possible cost savings on the memory.  Sorry for the confusion.


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