Fedora package management

James Bond jamesbond_422 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 11 22:06:39 UTC 2004

I am using fedora core 2 and realized that the rpm package management GUI 
has changed completely. I have few queries related to the fedora package 
management GUI (Add/Remove packages):

1: None of the options in Help Menu bar does not work in" Add and Remove 
Software" GUI. is there any way to get the about option working?

2: In RedHat 9, I used to double click on any RPM package on the disk, and 
it used to open the Red Hat RPM management GUI to install that RPM package. 
This functionality does not seem to be there in Fedora!! I tried to double 
click on a RPM package on my hard disk and it opened up a window , 
complaining about the "No Action Associated". Which application should i 
associate with RPM?

3: If I run, up2date agent on Fedora core 2 system, will it go to the right 
fedora repository and pick all the required package and update them? Do I 
have to configure anything to be able to get it working?

I will appreciate, if you can answer the above queries!!


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