Madwifi (and other wireless) Success - version mismatch fix

Rick Johnson rjohnson at
Sun Mar 14 08:18:20 UTC 2004

For those who have had little success in getting wireless cards to work 
due to a wireless extension mismatch, I've found a solution.

It seems that glibc-kernheaders-2.4-8.1.43.src.rpm provides 2.4 kernel 
headers within /usr/include/linux. Included with this package is version 
15 of the wireless headers - wireless.h.

It seems these headers are also included with the kernel package itself 
within /lib/modules/<kernel-version>/build/include/linux. I boldly 
removed /usr/include/linux, replacing it with the linux directory found 
in the path listed above, then rebuilt the wireless-tools package from 
the SRPM, and installed. I was then able to get my wireless interface to 
come up with WEP without an error message about the version mismatch.

It seems that the solution is two-fold.

1. The wireless-tools package needs to be built against the same 
wireless.h that wireless kernel drivers are built against.
2. The glibc-kernheaders package needs to be updated to include headers 
from the 2.6 kernel.

On a different note - it appears that the latest CVS of Madwifi 
successfully compiles against kernel-2.6.3-2.253, which means that 
FC2-Test1 is now "useful" to me again. Now if only the pcmcia 
init-script worked correctly so that I could start the laptop up w/o the 
card ejected.

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