New monitor, Kudzu, and the graphical boot

Will Backman whb at
Thu Mar 25 15:02:02 UTC 2004

During graphical boot, X starts and kudzu displays in a window.
I installed Fedora using a nice monitor, but then replaced the monitor
with an older, crappy one.  On reboot, X was messed up for the graphical
boot, and therefore kudzu was unreadable when it detected a change in
monitors.  I'm not certain what I pressed to make the system continue.
X was still messed up.  Reboots did not help.
This was solved by switching to a virtual terminal, telinit 3, rename
config file for X, run the config tool for X.
Is there a way to make this easier for the novice desktop user?  Can the
graphical boot use more generic or failsafe settings, or is this just an
odd edge case?  Kudzu is fairly fail-safe as a curses app, but plugging
it into an X display can cause issues when display adapters or monitors
are changed,
Will Backman <whb at>
Coastal Enterprises, Inc.

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