yum headers missing from all mirrors - and have not reappeared

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Tue Mar 30 16:32:06 UTC 2004

Mike Chambers (mike at netlyncs.com) said: 
> On Tue, 2004-03-30 at 06:24, Ralf Sigmund wrote:
> > well after spending half an hour reading lengthly discussions on who 
> > might be not responsible for this (it's not yum's fault!)..
> > ... I still wonder if the headers directory will ever reappear?
> > maybe development is finished and there is no more need to use yum?
> Yep, noticed this as well as I mirror rawhide and still no headers
> directory.

It's a bug, should get cleared up in the next day or so.


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