dual install results, artheros drivers, touchpad on a toshiba satellite p35 s609

paul at thespps.org paul at thespps.org
Wed Nov 3 18:59:46 UTC 2004

> On Wed, 3 Nov 2004, Paul Rennix wrote:
>> Now I only have a couple minor problems to work through.  One, is the
>> convoluted process that I am finding to install drivers for artheros
>> wifi -
>> which I have gone through twice now without success.  I know its a
>> longshot,
>> but has anyone had success with these drivers on fc3?
> Yes, I've used it on a thinkpad T40 - and it works. What
> problems/errors do you get?
> I just do a 'cvs co'
> make
> make install
> Satish

That's what I did, too. I then rebooted, the configuration tool came up,
but then the error was something along the lines of "device does not
appear to be present"

I also tried to use the madwifi rpms to no avail.


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