Yum update fails python deps today...

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 17:27:53 UTC 2004

On Sun, 07 Nov 2004 09:22:32 -0700, Christopher A. Williams
<chrisw01 at privatei.com> wrote:
> Running updated on FC3T3 this morning fail with a number of python deps.
> Following is a snippet of the last part of the output:

Welcome to rawhide! Clearly packages were added in such a way that
either they were packages with dependancy problems, or some packages
failed to build in the automated build system. Figure out which
packages are having problems or were not rebuilt and file bugs against
the devel tree. But lets be clear this is not a yum problem, and what
you are seeing is expected behavior from the development tree.

<lecture mode>
The development tree... just came out of release freeze. And very
new.. very raw packages are now showing up in the development tree.
Its not completely unexpected to see very new packages be included
that have packaging problems, like missing dependancies or wrong
dependancies. You can't really think of the development tree as being
updates for fc3test releases any longer. What development is being
used for starting yesterday, is staging for fc4.

The development tree (aka rawhide) has seasons of a sort related to
the release cycle.
In the weeks leading up to a release during the scheduled testing
phase, the development tree stabilizes a great deal, and the risk of
major problems associated with doing a full update against the
developmentr tree lowers.  Right before a release, the development
tree freezes in prepration for the release building. But after the
release freeze ends. New packages and new component versions start
showing up and stability and self consistency of development tree
becomes very erratic. Making doing a full sync agaisnt the development
tree very unlikely to succeed, and greatly increasing the risk that
you will install a package that is broken enough to require drastic
action to recover a working system.

I would recommend that you stop doing updates against the development
tree now, unless you are prepared to encounter and deal with drastic
stability and packaging issues.  If you can't stop cold turkey, then
you should at least stop trying to do full updates, and start doing
very targetted package updates is small groups so that you can be
better prepared to diagnose what new package is causing a problem and
report to bugzilla.
</lecture mode>

-jef"If test releases and updates during testing phase eat your babies...
the development tree outside of a scheduled test phase will eat your
babies and sterlize you with lethal levels of radiation."spaleta

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