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David Jansen jansen at
Mon Nov 8 10:51:43 UTC 2004

On Sun, Nov 07, 2004 at 10:00:20PM +0700, Philippe wrote:
> Somebody told me about : $HOME/.rhopenoffice-1.1/dictionary.lst. It does
> not seem to be used anymore, at least for my configuration. Maybe
> because of an "all-user" install.

I think the customizations end up somewhere else in .rhopenoffice-1.1
But it is possible for a user to configure the list of dictionaries he
Go to the "Tools" menu, choose "Options" and then open the "Language 
settings" category.
Select "Writing aids", then select " MySpell spellchecker" and
click on "edit". From the drop-down menu, select each language you don't want
one by one, and remove the checkmarks in the modules that are there.

Especially useful at multi-user setups where different users write in
different languages so editing the systemwide defaults is not an option.

David Jansen

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