'Upgrade' from FC2 x86_64 to FC3 x86?

Alan Cox alan at redhat.com
Mon Nov 8 16:45:21 UTC 2004

On Mon, Nov 08, 2004 at 04:28:07PM +0000, Tolan Blundell wrote:
> I'd double check, before scrubbing my system, whether it might be 
> possible to move from x86_64 FC2 to plain old x86 FC3?

Not easily

> I want to go back to x86 because compiling some stuff for x86_64 is a 
> pain, apparently impossible in some situations, and all the proprietary 
> stuff like the Flash plugin, and windows codecs for mplayer mean I spend 
> much more time than I can afford m aintaining my system..

So compile them 32bit or use the 32bit packages for those programs.

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