Problem with setting up install server

Scott Dowdle dowdle at
Wed Nov 10 22:55:35 UTC 2004


Ok, I've done this bunches with previous release but am having a problem 
with FC3.  Setting up an install server to do installs over NFS.  Here's 
what I've done and the problem I'm running into:

1) Copied directory structure of DVD to NFS accessible directory.

2) Took all current update packages and replaced previous versions

3) ran the following command:
/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/genhdlist /mnt/backup/other/install/fc3
 (it does its thing)

4) Booted from boot.iso image CD on target install machine.

5) Selected NFS and it went about its merry way.

6) After formatting partitions, and setting up RPM transaction, I get an 
exit abnormally error message and it shuts down.  I don't really see any 
indicator to what it didn't like.  On the ALT-F# screens there is no 
obvious error other than the normal looking stuff.

Any ideas?

Oh, BTW, in step #3 above genhdlist still insists on there being a 
directory named RedHat rather than Fedora.  I just create a symlink and it 
works fine as it has in previous Fedora releases.  Given the movement away 
from the "RedHat" name to the "Fedora" name, you might at this to your 
list of name replacments.

For those interested in install and update servers (although nothing new 
here really), I always keep my install directory tree updated.  I noticed 
the new yum createrepo command, and I use my install directory tree for 
updates too.  Whenever I replace an old package with an update, I rerun 
the genhdlist and createrepo command and new installs are up2date at 
install.  This is a great timesaver (to be up2date at install) and I'd 
rather avoid installing via CD if I can!


Feel free to replay directly to me as well as to the list as I get the 
digest: dowdle at

Thanks in advance.

Scott Dowdle, System Admin
406.254.2367 (home)

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