wget problem or me

Dan Hollis goemon at anime.net
Thu Nov 11 11:28:58 UTC 2004

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Greg Morgan wrote:
> >>I saw the announcement of wget Karsten Hopp on the Announcement list. 
> >>..."This new release of wget adds support for large files >2Gb, p.e. DVD 
> >>ISOs."...  I was trying to ftp the DVD ISO file.  The ftp transfer was 
> >>hung. It may have been killed by the ftp server. I had to kill the ftp 
> >>transfer.  I downloaded the wget rpm and used rpm -Fvh to install it on 
> >>FC2.  wget -V reports
> >>wget -V
> >>GNU Wget 1.9+cvs-stable (Red Hat modified)
> >>....
> >>I used wget -c 
> >>ftp://mirrors.kernel.org/fedora/core/3/i386/iso/FC3-i386-DVD.iso last 
> >>night before going to bed.  I woke up to
> >>87% [+++++++++++++++++++++========>     ] 2,147,476,904   12.92K/s  ETA 
> >>4:08:22File size limit exceeded
> baloo:/home/ddrive on /home/ddrive type nfs (rw,nfsvers=2,addr=
> baloo:/home/drkludge on /home/drkludge type nfs 
> (rw,nfsvers=2,addr=
> baloo:/home/edrive on /home/edrive type nfs (rw,nfsvers=2,addr=
> baloo:/home/fdrive on /home/fdrive type nfs (rw,nfsvers=2,addr=
> baloo:/home/gmorgan on /home/gmorgan type nfs 
> (rw,nfsvers=2,addr=
> baloo:/home/lgmorgan on /home/lgmorgan type nfs 
> (rw,nfsvers=2,addr=
> baloo:/home/nichmorgan on /home/nichmorgan type nfs 
> (rw,nfsvers=2,addr=
> baloo:/home/ryanmorgan on /home/ryanmorgan type nfs 
> (rw,nfsvers=2,addr=
> baloo:/home/zpmorgan on /home/zpmorgan type nfs 
> (rw,nfsvers=2,addr=
> nfsd on /proc/fs/nfsd type nfsd (rw)

nfs v2 does not support largefiles (>2gb). you need nfs v3 for that.


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