hp6200c scanner

Kim Lux lux at diesel-research.com
Thu Nov 11 18:30:09 UTC 2004

I just tested my Umax Astra 3400.  It is recognized by the kernel.  It
works perfectly under kooka, the KDE scanning utility.  I just thought
I'd share.

On Thu, 2004-11-11 at 11:08 -0700, Andrew Couture wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I was running FC3T3 on my p3/500 dell inspiron laptop. The usb hp
> scanner worked slowly, but worked. Upgraded to release FC3, and now no
> joy. tail -f /var/log/messages shows the vendor, product and
> libusb:001:25(address). sane-find-scanner looks for a scanner and seems
> to hang, then I unplug the scanner usb cord, and the information pops up
> and my system. While scanner is plugged in, all other usb devices slow
> down.
> Any thoughts, hints or words of wisdom would be welcome
> andrew
Kim Lux (Mr.)  Diesel Research Inc

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