Why don't you guys like synaptic?

Paul Iadonisi pri.rhl3 at iadonisi.to
Fri Nov 12 02:13:35 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-11-11 at 17:40 -0700, Kim Lux wrote:
> This is my last post on this subject.  It appears as though some of us
> disagree.  I'll leave it at that. Comments below. 

  Well, there is a problem with just leaving it at disagreeing.
Eventually you are going to piss off some developer and he will tell you
to take a hike.  It has happened, and I won't cite the case to avoid
embarrassing the offender, but it was case of much too high
expectations.  You're on that path as well.
  I suggest you *change* your expectation that upgrading from test
releases must work (and if you think it should be fixed when broken,
that too), or stop testing altogether.  Otherwise, you are setting
yourself up to be blasted by those who toil to give you the fruits of
their labor for nothing other than some cooperation in troubleshooting a
problem ... clean installs and upgrades from OFFICIAL releases being two
of those steps.
  I agree with what someone else posted that you are a great help to
many on this list, but I suspect that if something doesn't change with
your expectations by the next testing cycle, you are going to find your
reports of problems taken even less seriously than you say they are now.
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