Applications for FC4

Temlakos temlakos at
Mon Nov 15 03:13:04 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-11-15 at 10:40 +0800, joelbryan wrote:
> This where just mere application request, an open discussion of
> suggested software hoping to be release for FC4.

Definitely Anjuta. I use it myself.

And put in postgresql-devel and libpqxx--a full set of libraries and
includes for creating client apps for PostgreSQL in C/C++.

For that matter, why not include wxGTK and its KDE equivalent? That's

And while you're at it: the OpenOffice SDK.

And--oh, yes: the Apache XML-FO processor. (And make sure that the XSL
processor installs as part of Linux--I think it does, though. It's never
turned up missing--but I always install DocBook stuff, just in case.)

And finally: apt and Synaptic. Yes, I know you include yum, and yum
saved my bacon lately. But--you can't have too many package managers. A
good desktop administrator should include them all: apt, yum, and

What I've just named are the apps that I always go out and bag every
time I install Fedora Core on a new machine. Well, not all of them--I
haven't named the ones that distribute under their own licenses that are
incompatible with the GPL. These include:

Java (at least the JRE if not the SDK)


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