OOO not auto-saving by default

Sean Bruno sean.bruno at
Mon Nov 22 21:25:55 UTC 2004

> Hi there,
> I wouldn't be so quick to turn on auto-save.  For my part, I quite often
> use one document or spreasheet as a template for a new one and, in such
> cases, if you are not fast enough to his save as you original document
> is lost.  Also, if you work with versions and/or are testing formulas
> etc. in your spreadsheet you would probably like to control the file
> save yourself.

Maybe I don't understand the "auto-save" feature.  

How does one recover documents in the even of a power outage, machine
glitch, etc...Does OOO have a temp file that it can recover from?  In
this case, the write did not have anything to recover from.  

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