Pam problem

Alexandre Strube surak at
Sun Oct 3 17:52:21 UTC 2004

Em Dom, 2004-10-03 às 14:03, Colin Walters escreveu:
> > Version 2.
> > User 1 logs in, uses xmms, logs into a couple of consoles (use
> > bittorrent, do an update and something else). Logs out
> > User 2 logs in, xmms reports soundcard blocked.
> > Not sure what should happen for version 2, but I think once
> > user 1 has logged out of the X session, then user 2 should gain
> > permission.
> Yes, I think it would be best if user 2 gained permission as well, but
> unless the device supports hardware mixing you're going to lose anyways.
> In this case you need a sound server.  But if you do have hardware
> mixing one nicer way to do this might be to modify pam_console to use
> ACLs on the devices instead of changing ownership.

And what alsa is all about?


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