noob sata question...

Geoffrey Leach geoff at
Sun Oct 3 20:09:37 UTC 2004

On 10.02 16:33, Chris Tencati wrote:
> Back when I had FC2 with the 2.4.x kernel, obviously there was no  
> sata support built-in, but I'm using a promise controller and they  
> make their drivers available for download/build, so everything worked  
> fine.  Now I'm using an up to date (as of yesterday) version of  
> FC2T2, and that's causing some problems for me.  SATA support is now  
> built-in to the kernel, which is great, but I can't figure out how to  
> actually access the disk...with the old driver I think it got  
> reported as a scsi drive (which I swear is wrong)

The SATA devices are interfaced as /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, ...  If you  
mount them normally from /dev/sda, ... all should be well.  It's been  
working this way since the 2.6 kernels were introduced in FC1T1.

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