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Tue Oct 12 23:46:14 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-10-12 at 19:11 -0400, ne... wrote:
> No need to apologize. I am seriously looking for figures to
> go with a lot of the positions held here, both for and against.
> Not for the sake of arguing, but to really see the concrete
> figures about the views people hold.

You/we/Fedora will have to run surveys if you want that, I think. Plus,
many of the users affected by a choice such as whether or not the
up2date process defaults to the new kernel or not don't have the
knowledge to intelligently discuss it.

I would suggest setting the default to be appropriate for newer/less-
knowledgeable users, and an /etc/sysconfig/kernel parameter such as has
been suggested so that more-expert people can make a simple, one-time
change that will activate their preferences.

Seems like this would make most people happy at a very low cost and
risk. What do you think?

> I also feel that what may be considered the minority view also
> has to be heard. This leads to better decisions being made.

Yes, of course! All opinions should be heard. At the end of the decision
process, we do need to take into account all those views. But the end
process needs to seek primarily the greater good of the greater number,
while making choice and alternatives and change as easy as possible for
the remaining minority. Again, what do you think?


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