Latest Evolution problems.

David Malcolm dmalcolm at
Fri Oct 15 19:56:23 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-10-15 at 15:52 -0400, Robert Couture wrote:
> Hello ...
> It seems that something is broken with the latest evolution.  (I run KDE so it 
> may be gnome related.)  I am using Kontact at the moment :)
> Upon updating and restarting the system to try the latest kernel I started 
> Evolution and it seems to hang with the message updating vFolder (vFolder 
> name)  It also does not show images in HTML mail even though that is how I 
> have it configured - it just displays the 'X' icon.  When showing HTML mail 
> it hangs with a message saying it is formatting the message.  (These messages 
> are in the status bar.)
> It also does not send mail out.
> (Internet connection is fine.)
> Is anyone else seeing this behaviour.  If so, I will file a bugzilla.

Please can you file a bugzilla about these problems, stating the
relevant package versions.  Thanks!

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