CD not found when trying to add apps in FC3 Test 3

Brian Craft javaman67 at
Sat Oct 16 13:27:52 UTC 2004

This may or may not be a known issue........but when I run the
Add/Remove Applications app from the Gnome Menu/System Settings in FC3
Test 3, I select the apps I want to add and it asks for CD2.  I put the
CD in and click OK, but it error's out saying it can't find the CD.

Now I can click on the Desktop icon on my desktop and view the contents
of the CD just fine.  It appears to be a problem with the System-Config-
Packages  utility.......or something along that line.

Anyone else have this problem.........?

btw......I just updated to the latest System-Config-Packages and it
didn't help.


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