Optimal Partitioning

Scott Talbot talbotscott at cox.net
Mon Oct 18 18:43:58 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 14:08 -0400, Amitabha Roy wrote:
> Is there a way to partition a disk and define mount points such that 
> fresh installs dont overwrite home user directories ?
> For example, lets say I mount /dev/hda2 as /home, and /dev/hda3 as 
> /usr/local (which will include user installed programs not provided
> with the OS) and /dev/hda1 as /.
> Now if I do a clean install of (say) FC2 or FC3 will user home 
> directories and separate programs in /usr/local still be overwritten ?
> Is there an option during install that protects this option ? Once the 
> install is made, I want to maintain the old mount points.

	There is an option when you manually setup partitions to format or not.
I must warn you, however, that what you are attempting is doomed.  many
packages put files throughout the filesystem (especially /etc, /usr/lib
and others). and that will break those packages.

	The /home may go through some changes that may cause a few pains, but
should be O.K. to not format

	You could/should consider saving your cachedir, if you are using yum,
then you could easily reinstall programs, or even better set yourself up
a separate config file to download those files in a separate directory,
or disk. 


> Thanks!
> Amitabha

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