No debuginfo packages for xorg?

alan alan at
Thu Oct 21 00:27:28 UTC 2004

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004, Wes Shull wrote:

> After the recent brouhaha involving xorg, I was picking the bad builds out 
> of my copy of rawhide to make sure I didn't accidentally install them.  
> When I got over to the debug dir, though, I noticed no debuginfo packages 
> for xorg at all, and looking at my archive, none ever.  Anyone know why?  
> Am I missing something?  I'm afraid I'm not fully clueful enough to know 
> how to check if the symbols have been left in the binaries (which would 
> preclude the need for debuginfo packages).

I have seen debug packages for rawhide xorg packages before.  They are 
*huge*. What site are you looking at for copies?

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