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joelbryan joelbryanster at
Sat Oct 23 22:00:03 UTC 2004

Would you consider the inclusion of __standalone__ RSS/Atom Aggregators?
Mozilla Thunderbird & Firefox have this functionality, but they both
share other functionality.
There is alot of standalone RSS/Atom Aggregators out there, here they are:

--SnowNews (Console, ncurses),
--Straw (Python/GNOME),
--Syndigator (Perl/GTK)
--RSSOwl (Java),
--Liferea (GTK/GNOME).

And also, please priority Mozilla Sunbird to make it to Fedora Core.

Music = Apple iPod + Rhythmbox & iTunes
Browser = Mozilla Firefox & Epiphany
Desktop = Gnome, Mac OSX, Longhorn 4074
Distro = Fedora Core
Language = PHP, MySQL, Python, HTML
Graphics = Gimp 2.0, gThumb
Editors = FrontPage 2003, vi, gedit
Codecs = FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless

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