No PS/2 mouse with Synaptics touch pad.

Charles R. Anderson cra at WPI.EDU
Sun Oct 24 19:35:43 UTC 2004

On Sun, Oct 24, 2004 at 01:21:36PM -0500, Dan wrote:
> I just updated my system to Core2 from Core1. I am running a Compaq 
> Armada 110. In Core1 the Synaptics touch pad on the keyboard did not 
> function but if I plugged in a PS/2 mouse it (the mouse) functioned 
> fine. No big deal the built-in touchpad is a pain in the keister anyway. 
> Since the update to Core 2 the Synaptics touch pad works AOK but when I 
> plug in a PS/2 mouse the system does not recognize the mouse.... Any 
> suggestions???

Offtopic for this list, since FC2 isn't a test release.  Try
fedora-list.  Or, try FC3rc1, which is a test release, and should have 
many Synaptics fixes.

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