Remote Printing

Jeffrey D. Yuille jeffy5 at
Sun Oct 24 20:16:06 UTC 2004


     Can some help me with this problem:  I have Fedora Core 3t3 installed on 
a Dell Inspiron 4000 along with Fedora Core 2 installed on an IBM T-30 
ThinkPad.  I also have Fedora Core 2 installed on a Dell Dimension XPS T600r.  
All is working fine except for one thing:  These computers are part of a 
local Ethernet LAN where there is a Windows 2003 Server.  I have a printer 
connected to the Dell Dimension desktop as a local printer.  I also use a 
wireless card for both the IBM and Dell Laptops, which work perfectly through 
a Linksys Wireless Router.  Previously I had another Linux distribution on 
the Dell Dimension (Mandrake) instead of Fedora Core 2.  With this other 
distribution, I was able to print wirelessly through the laptops.  With 
Fedora Core 2 installed on the Dell Dimension desktop, I can longer print 
remotely through Fedora Core 2 and 3 on either laptop.  Is there something 
with Fedora Core 2 or 3 that will not let me print wirelessly?  I also have 
set up the laptops to use CUPS to connect remotely to a printer (Epson Stylus 
C80) connected to the Dell Dimension desktop.  Has anyone experienced this 

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