Sound Card Recognized but No Sound

Kim Lux (Mr.) lux at
Thu Oct 28 04:40:01 UTC 2004

I've got the same problem.  See my posts from earlier today.

Did you upgrade or install from fresh ?

On Wed, 2004-27-10 at 22:52 -0500, Terry R Linhardt wrote:
> This involves FC3, test 3.  My sound card is recognized, but I do not 
> hear anything. I had previously installed both Fedora Core 2 and Core 3, 
> Test 1, and the sound card was recognized and functioned properly.
> The system "sees" AC'97 Audio Controller,  with Module snd-intel8x0.
> I tried running the command "system-config-soundcard" from the command 
> line. Besides a GUI interface to test the sound (again, no sound), I got 
> the following messages in the terminal window:
>     Warning: rate not accurate. Requested  44100 Hz, got 48000 Hz.
>      and then:   aplay: pcm_write:1115    write error: input/output error
> Any help or guidance?  As I said above, I'm puzzled especially since I 
> never had a problem with prior versions of Fedora. (And if I boot XP, 
> the soundcard is functioning properly).
> Terry
Kim Lux (Mr.) <lux at>

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