Radeon 7200 - locks up during initializing

Jim Cornette fct-cornette at sbcglobal.net
Thu Sep 16 02:22:28 UTC 2004

Scott Talbot wrote:

> 	I,m using Radeon 7200 for three years and the problem you describe
> showed up when the test release for Xorg 6.8 started.  there is a
> bugzilla at #1175 at freedesktop, but I've not heard anything from them.
> 	Scott

I was reading on your bug report that you can get the radeon card to 
function with an older kernel. I have not tried that, but I did try an 
older version of X, before the CVS version. This crashed badly, just as 
with the CVS version of X

Your comment from the bug report.

only fixes are to use kernel <= .524 (no good as there's no CD-Rom support,
remove rhgb from kernel args (no problem, but Red Hat might not like that!

This might be related to trying to create /dev/radeon after the /dev 
nodes were setup. If the older kernel works with this issue to allow X, 
then maybe those programs related to /dev can work on a fix.


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