wireless expectations FC3T2

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Mon Sep 20 15:51:35 UTC 2004

D. Stolte wrote:
> your DWL-650 is most probably based on a atheros chip which is not
> supported by the stock fedora kernel (AFAIR there are different revision
> of this card with different chips, not 100% sure though). if it is
> atheros based then you will need the madwifi driver from CVS because it
> is still in development. some yum repositories already offer the madwifi
> package so it should be a no brainer to get this card working. you will
> not get any redhat support though.
> hope it helps

Yeah, it does.  Beats the heck out of just having no idea about it at 
all.  I read up on that madwifi a bit and I think there were troubles 
with earlier models.... I see b1 adn b2 mentioned... mine is
Hardware=b4 and Firmware=2.42

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