wireless expectations FC3T2

Peter pboy at barkhof.uni-bremen.de
Mon Sep 20 22:09:24 UTC 2004

Am Mo, den 20.09.2004 schrieb D. Stolte um 19:33:
> the acpi and interrupt problems of madwifi are history. to be fair these 
> were problems of the early 2.6 kernels and not madwifis. i also tested
> some cards (prism2 and prism54) and i have the best experience with the
> netgear 511t and the madwifi driver.

Well, must be a pretty "young" history. And the biggest problems
are/were with the 2.6.8-1 kernel, I'm still using 2.6.7-1 because I
couldn't manage to get it working.

But, I don't want to blame the madwifi project! I appreciate their
efforts. But sometimes I have just to do my work  :-)


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