Install information for FC3T2

James C. Bevier jim at
Wed Sep 22 02:10:06 UTC 2004

I did an update from Fedora Core 1 to FC3T3.  I had a couple of problems
that I had to overcome to finally get things working.  The first problem was
'Error installing kdepim-3.3.0-1.i386' and the installation was aborted.  I
was able to boot to single user and create a missing directory that was
needed for the install of kdepim.  I did a mkdir /usr/share/applnk-redhat.
It was being linked to and was not there.  I restarted the installation and
everything went OK from there.

After installation the desktop and icons were hosed.  There was also no
sound after configuring the soundcard.  It thought it was sending sound, but
none was there.  My biggest problem was with the kernel source.  Where is
it?  I want to install vmware, but no source is there.  Any solution for



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