About the unknown symbol __VMALLOC_RESERVE

Guo Yang gyang at njit.edu
Wed Sep 22 22:30:06 UTC 2004


I read earlier today Mark Bradbury asked about the unknown symbol
__VMALLOC_RESERVE problem. I had the same problem. I searched the nvidia
linux driver forum and came up with the solution in the link below:


The patch itself failed to apply on this 584smp source. But since it is
only line to add, it is easy to go directly to the file and add it
there. After the recompilation the problem was fixed.

And I also found this thread regarding the lockup problem of 6111
driver. My machine had this problem and I applied the nvidia patch in
the thread. But I can not tell if it really helps because my machine is
just up for several minutes. I hope it will be useful people here.



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